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Thanks for your many feedbacks, we disabled our demo for now, and are working on the next steps. See you soon!

Discovering DEMO- The Fall of Ursa Major

At a lost time of the chronology, a chaotic and unfathomable island remains, shattered by the mistakes of a dark past from which it has forgotten everything.

On this isolated land, drowned in a unique black ocean, the modest native Nomadic Clans survive in balance with nature. But the arrival of the self-proclaimed Kings of Men will upset the established order. The threat posed by these conquerors, who have come from afar in search of power, will arouse the wrath of the Oracles, enigmatic beings reclusive and guardians of a precious heritage...

The exceptional clash of civilizations caused by the meeting of these three factions will give birth to an unprecedented conflict. Both actor and author of this story, your choices will determine your reality and decide the fate of the island. 

Thus begins the Adventure. You choose to play a member of the four native Clans to survive in this hostile world, explore the secrets of the land, and become who you choose to be.

Forever and no matter how deep, you have a choice.

About Alpha Immersive 

Alpha Immersive is an independent game that uses X&Immersion machine learning technologies to enable a natural narrative presence and strong interaction. The core of Alpha Immersive is to make you both actor and author of this game. 

In this demo, you can interact with this world and its characters by writing whatever you want in your keyboard. The reactions of the characters and your decisions will lead you through the story.

The goal of this demo is to gather your opinions and also raise funds to develop the next chapters of the game and to introduce new features: animated avatars, voice recognition, adaptive stories and much more. All this in an original and unique world. 


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The universe, colours, music is really amazing !!! bravoo !

A very promising start ! A wonderful adventure in a time we can't define, on a lost island and with colourfull characters...I enjoyed this first pre demo a lot, and already wait for the next step of it ! Good job guys !

Thank you for your feedback! It means a lot :) 

Nice demo guys !
Really enjoy the freedom you give to the player.

I also really like the fact that I can contribute to improving the game through this demo. 

Last but not least, great scenery and music that gives a real immersion in the game!

Thanks a lot! Yes, each player has a part to play to build this world :)  Your involvement means a lot to us!! The game improves thanks to all of you ;) 

You did a great job, neighbours. Maybe I will visit you someday, Maybe i will find a few errors but it was a good demo. Maybe i was too dumb for a few things but thanks okay, keep going guys!

Thanks for your support! Please let us know if you have any feedback, we are constantly improving this first demo thanks to user comments and feedback :)

I really enjoyed this first version of the game and it' s very encouraging for the next steps!

The gameplay is simple and intuitive. The universe created through the different civilizations is unique.

The freedom to define your own path is not just a concept confined to the narrative world. It is also present in your choice of characters. 

Players have to deduce where to head, based on the descriptions of various destinations or clues provided by their NPC chatbot. Freedom of choice can be found in almost every aspect of the game. You can choose at any point in time to pursue your main story quests through some really engaging dialogue.

Really liked it !

Thanks a lot! Yes, it's a first demo meant to show the new process of interacting with NPCs. Glad to know you liked it! 

Amazing demo. I really liked that you had the ability to chat with the NPCs and the storytelling. Looking forward to the full version!!!

Thank you! We are working on it :) As the first testers of the game, you play an important role in developing the AI algorithms : you are building this world with your creativity, by adding sentences to our NPC, or suggesting actions!

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That game is amazing! I really appreciated talking with NPC chatbots!

Thanks a lot! The NPC interaction is the core of our project, so it means a lot if people enjoy it :) Feel free to add sentences to the characters! The game improves thanks to you and your creativity.

So excited to discover this game !!

We are excited for you to play it!

can’t wait!!!

It's out!!!